Word Bank (Please use Word Page Format!)Edit

We, the Ediomahvans, are proud to say we have made up over 125 words! Below, there is a link to each one. This is a helpful way around the words as well as simply being a basic visualization for the immense number of words we have created. If you already know the word you're looking for, you might want to try the Word Tree which sorts by first letter. That way, you don't have to dig through all these words.

List of WordsEdit

Term Sentence from Context
parpilate I heard the story of how the pop-tart I ate for breakfast parpilated.
niblioteca I was disappointed when I found out I could not check out a taco at the niblioteca because I had fines on my card.
Ediomahva All of these words in this table are from the Ediomahva language.
plinkaroo I had to plinkaroo to get across austrailia faster.
blorp Whenever my friends Alex and Levii talk to each other, it is hard not to blorp, because they talk too fast.
akriomasika i had to akriomasika after I blorped, so that I could turn back from a ball of goo into a human
mundane I am mundane, or human
clarace Levii couldn't find a clarace at the niblioteca

Swetha bikabakabugabued on her trampoline yesterday after eating blueberries

cplasotosis I experience cplasotosis whenever I am in school.

alexanderlawrence delabruereadocious

I don't think Maria was herself on Saturday, because she was acting alexanderlawrencedelabruereadocious.
sedika I had a sedika yesterday. Everything went right!
zother Zother on your test!
transesutrardio There are many transesutrardios out there that all faithful Ediomahvans strive to replace
furmadapu I always have a small case of furmadapu because I feel happy at funerals.
woss "Niblioteca" is a woss because it has "nachos" and "biblioteca".
Nanochipica I finally got a dinosaur to nanochipica with.
ineoblorpia We have a shortage of forks since the recent ineoblorpia.


I am very good at ineoblasica (for real)

boboclu You don't believe that silly boboclu, do you?
clockaroo After I plinkarooed, I heard ticking noises, but I didn't know what was happening until after I clockarooed.
chaper I was lucky enough to get a large chaper in my 13-sided house.
acrota It wouldn't surprise me if Levii had the ability to acrota given that he always gets so absorbed in his books.
checo My oil spilled on an anthill, former an annoying checo.
serase Our founding fathers practiced serase for sure, but I'm not sure if that idea is still present in our minds today.
trantalos The trantalos as of 2011 will probably be 0, since 2012 is the end of the world.
sortatop I am an avid sortatop, but people still trust me with their pencils.
Slatatop I think the Slatatop just turned on the heater in the upper level, because its hot in the Northern Hemisphere.
ooooootacost I'm afraid of parpilation because of the ooooootacosts that will read my mind!
stratocot I gave up catching crabs, because I found nothing but grumpy, old, stratocots.
panticade I am a terrible gardener. Somehow, all my effort produces nothing except panticades.
broser All clockarooed kangarooes are not brosers, because they need their desks to sit on.
chocade I ended up in the hospital after the chocade last night, because I nearly burned to death.
transoc I experience transoc all the time because I have a positive attitude, and I say "It's a sedika" all the time!
sulate You may know the answer to the question, but do you know the sulate of the answer?
ingerheimer You may know the question to the answer, but do you know the ingerheimer of the question?
flurpadrop Flurpadroping on Oon is very interesting because all your food comes out orange.
turbler Levii was riding his turbler when he tumbled off its back.
kravering skipping with your hands on top of your head
rahoolagan the state of being a purple magic carpet
turclect I could barely get two drops out of that tiny turclect
denionekia We will need to meet at school at lunch because we don't want denionekia to happen.
shurraill When I was painting my kitchen, all of sudden I realized I had shurraill
stratho .I talk slow because I often experience stratho when I speak.
sibliomangica Levii is a sibliomangica when it comes to books.
epathki I was actually glad when we moved because my brother had to stop epathkiing me because we had to use all the cardboard!
irshlott Levii is the king of irshlott and irritating other people as well.
adook Levii is an adook, and should attend a class on quitting reading.
oompaloomp I had a speech difficulty until I went to the Ooning moon and saw oompaloomp!
gennoffman I tried to eat a grapefruit, and when I did, I experienced gennoffman and now I can read minds!
turdyit My turdyit is getting worse.
spenkt Tthat spenkt is scary looking!
harotoradious A harotoradious is going to invade the earth!
obselenth If obselenth happened in Back to the future, they would probably travel around the entire space time continuum.
thah The thah is going to attack me if I get near her cabin at any time in the middle of that forest preserve.
intergalationary Intergalationary anywhere near food can be hazardous!
sproil I am going to sproil, but first I need to read through the Little House on the Prairie to learn a little about the 1880's.
shcwngth that shcwngth is nice looking considering it's actually a bear, but it looks like a terrier dog.

Megan Guest is definately an imaginariosityphoon!

scrationrath that scrationrath is going to kill my internets
toileu "123456789! factorial to the third power squared times each other-- times 1. thats how you get toileu", said the teacher
spartej the fireman had a sprartej in his mouth
bhad I have a piano lesson on bhad

walking over scanuary would hurt your feet

scrutinarithon scrutinarithon is annoying if you are obsessed with schedules
py that py will dy
gerw a # representing null
redkan the fifth bullet in the twelfth list on the thirteenth page
squile a mixture of Jello and hope
harderationary a color photo created with only black paint
gretiths ?a question mark at the beginning of a sentence
scrercs an empty plate of chicken noodle soup
niguloblastingosis the feeling that's created when you get a special benefit that someone else was promised, but you had no idea
jagionapia ten of the "|" symbols in a row
blzeonipicka a word that starts with neither a consonant nor a vowel
aliotoxis a calender that stops a tornado
valeopinia the sensation that overcomes one he eats negative one apples
compintrocious a set of words and definitions
swhif a gallery of snails
jenr to mix 43 different taco seasoning packets to make watermelon
satres characterized by characterization
appidict someone who is addicted to their i pod
spectoculoverdevicioso a seven-eyed scary green serpent monster
dlate when you are late to a date
reocious when you are so into a book, that you start talking to it to control what happens
pillip when someone bothers you so much that you call them your younger brother's name
fermataroo an extended wakeup call
manis experience
trocious the worst travel experience ever!
redumulousociousnast when you are sooooo dumbfounded that people try to avoid eye contact and don't even try to seek medical attention
a broken sewing machine
a cute dog
a word to express sadness after a dog dies of something that wasn't old age
the feeling you get after loping bareback for the first time
trying to do something impossible and having a tantrum when it doesn't work
fear of angry tree-men
fearing something that doesn't exist
a crazy person
how to see a good thing more than a bad thing
a rowdy twelve-year-old who eats too much sugar
someone who lies
how to figure out how to do trigonometry without taking algebra
a toddler who wears makeup
shooting up to space on a cake
people watching in a bakery

(how?) bugs bunny knits a cake

dog training a bichon frise in a week before a dog show
a miniature antique quilt
a paranormal experience in a house that has zero owners
a haunted locker
the procedure required to groom a dog
a dog who loves to play fetch
the fifteenth anniversary of planting an avocado tree
a violin player in a box
a music box that plays the theme song to full house
a five gallon bucket of cream puffs
a ghost that plays ping-pong
a dog that is all hair, and then loses half its weight
ablicadoodle If it weren't for an unexpected furpadrop, I would have died because I forgot to pack food with me to the ablicadoodle.
abrillonapica The above sentence is actually false, I was just playing an abrillonapica on you guys.
annonoblabica After bikabakabugabooing, I think I will prefer annonoblabicas over blueberries.