Guess what we need! If you said "definitions ", you're absolutely correct! However, words are definately as important. So what is this? A drawing board. Everyone will have a section here. If you are not on here, add your own. Here, you can play around with word parts, words you want to create, try your words in a sentence, get comments from other Ediomahvans about your words, etc. Please stay within your own section. If you want to create a definition to go along with your word, post them on COMPINTROCIOUSES! To get comments on words from other Ediomahvans, italicize your words.When you're finished polishing your words, bold them, and they will be on the agenda for next meeting. Underlining means nothing. Good luck,. and may the creativity be with you!




appidict -someone who is adicted to their Ipod

septoculoverdevicioso- a seven-eyed scary green serpent monster










dlate (jrade)-when you are late to a date

reocious(rocious)- when you are so into a book, that you start talking to it trying to control what happens

phillip- when your someone bothers you so much that you call them your younger brothers name.

fermataroo- an extended wake-up call

trocious- the worst travel manis ever!

manis- expirience

redumulousociousnast ( re doo mule oh cious nis)- when you are sooooo dumbfounded that people try to avoid eye contact and dont even try to seek medical attention :P

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