Rules That Must Be Obeyed With NO EXCEPTIONS!Edit

The Ediomahvan Society is not a strict one. Formality destroys the purpose of the Ediomahvans: to have fun! In the beginning of the Ediomahvan Organization, I imposed too many rules to get people to do things and nearly ended up destroying the Ediomahvan Society altogether! Creativty happens when your thoughts can flow and do not run into any obstacles.

However, there is a need for a few rules (I know, Elder One) to keep the Ediomahvan Society running smoothly.

1. All words and definitions must be appropriate.

2. All Ediomahvans must be enjoying themselves

3. Creativity must always flow.

Rules can be created other than these that are silly, such as "Diana has to say zero when we have ameeting.", but these must be taken back if they go against any of the three rules listed above. As I have said, the Ediomahvans are about creativity and silly, not formality and dignity. Please keep this in mind as you consider rules.