Oon (Secretly a meeting place)Edit

Oon is a word that is not on the Word List because it used to be our meeting page. It is now under construction. 'Once again, the next meeting will be Friday, July 18th at 8:00 A.M.! 'Please attend if possible.

To see previous meeting's minutes, go to the "Minutes" page

How to Participate in the MeetingEdit

Scroll down to where it says "Comments" on this page. Once you type text and press "Post comment", your text will be there for everyone to see. One thing you should make sure you do before the meeting is get a wiki name!!!! A list can be found on the Home page. I would reccomend typing up your agenda before the meeting, so you can just copy and paste. It saves time.

Important! Reading others wordsEdit

There's always one little thing... The Ediomahvan Wiki will not update what other people say!!! In order to view what other people are saying you must either say something yourself, or refresh your browser (F5 for most computers or sometimes there is a button with arrows pointing up and down by the website adress typing thing at the top of the screen). This is a little annoying, but that's O.K.

Hope to see you here!


Definition: the time of the year when the moon turns orange

Pronunciation: ()

Comments: Made by Emily Hammer. Elder # 4 Word.