This is a list of all the ediomahvans and elders. enjoy and feel free to add your name if there is anyone I forgot--sincerely, Megan


As of 2013, the term "elder" has no sustanence, and is void except for memories. The following is simply a record of the past. There are no ranks anymore; everyone is equal.

Levii Hildebran - Elder # 1

Alex de la Bruere - Elder # -6^2

Stephanie Richland - Elder # 2

Emily Hammer - Elder # 4

Megan Guest - Elder # 5

Swetha Marisetty - Elder # 1763

Diana Wu - Elder # 0

And More EdiomahvansEdit

Ari Randall, Hannah Dobroski, Ashley Malone, Shelby Christiensen, Ellie Andorf

Again, If i missed anybody,please either add your name to this list, or contact me somehow. (I will not put my phone # online for obvious reasons.)